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    A true story Empty A true story

    Post by PILAR GOMEZ LATORRE on Wed May 23, 2012 7:36 pm

    Seven years ago, my family and I, we went in summer on holiday on a summer holiday to Bosnia, Sarajevo and Mostar, with a friends what that lived here. It was a experience fantastic experience because the city are is beautiful but we saw the buildings with the last impacts signs of bomb explosions and the people who had lived into the houses destroyed. We were able to see a lot of cementeries graves in the garden but - hundreds and hundreds. Too, We also went to look at a tunnel under the court of airport when where the people passed food, medicines and arms too, and connected the area in at war and the area in peace. We knew (we saw) the wonderful views and their cook food is very delicious.
    The people are very beautiful, the women and the men are very tall and very good looking.
    I recommended to visit visiting these this country.
    I could said more things.
    Bye,bye. Best wishes.

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