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    A true story Empty A true story

    Post by Mar Perez Gulias on Mon Jun 04, 2012 6:08 pm

    In June 2010 I went to Ceuta for to participate in the public examinations. I didn't be hadn't been to in Ceuta, it was my first time. In the boat I was seated beside a girl. We started to speak and I told her about Ceuta and I explained to her the reason because I was travelleding there. She was very kind and she offered to show me to my hotel and the Hight School where I had exams.

    She was a policewoman and she worked in Ceuta a one week each every month or two months.

    After the first exam, we met again because I was grateful for your her help and I invited her for lunch. I remember that she said told me that it would be wonderful if I will passed the public examination and also I will would make a new friend. I said that it was more easy easier the second that the first.

    Finally, I obtained my post and I have a good friend!!!

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